Señora McCarthy

    Español I & II

    Classroom Expectations

    10 Really Cool Rules To Promote Success In Spanish Class


    1.  Come to class on time.


    2.  Bring your Spanish notebook/binder and a writing utensil every day!


    3.  Begin the start up activity (BellRinger) immediately after being seated.


    4.  Remain at your desk unless you have permission to get up.


    5.  Follow the directions. 


    6.  If you have a question raise your hand.


    7.  Do not throw trash or other items across the classroom. 


    8.  Water Bottles are permitted.


    9.  Please do not talk while I am teaching!


    10. Remember to respect yourself…other students…and your teacher.



    Here is to a great school year together!

Last Modified on August 27, 2020