• Classroom Rules



    2020 - 2021

    Dr. Lothe


    Welcome to German class! I am so excited that you are pursuing your interest in the German language and culture. I look forward to a great year with you and your classmates. Do not hesitate to ask questions or email me when you don’t understand anything we cover in class. I am here to facilitate your learning. 



    Please click on this link to read and understand Digital Classroom Rules and Expectations!!




    Materials – We will use CD Roms, handouts, and plenty of practice worksheets in combination with a variety of technologies and Apps. Alongside, we will also use textbook companion websites and other internet resources to enhance our learning experience and sharpen our skills in areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing within the German-speaking context and cultures.


    1. A two inch 3-ring binder divided into 5 sections:
    • Klassenarbeit und Hausaufgabe (Classwork and Homework)
    • Wortschatz (Vocabulary lists)
    • Grammatik (Grammar)
    • Klausuren (Quizzes/Tests)
    • Hausaufgaben (Homework)
    1. Dedicated spiral notebook
    2. Index cards – 3 x 5 (white or colored) on ring or in ziplock bag
    3. Pencil and pen (Colored pens/ pencils and highlighters are desirable).
    4. Bring your binder and chromebook to every single German class; textbooks left in room unless signed out.


    Treat others as you would like to be treated.

    You may not chew gum during class.


    Speak German! Participate! Ask questions!



    Do your own work and take pride in it. You’ll feel good and learn more!! Cheating results in a zero and a phone call/email home.



    Be sure to bring your Google Chromebook to every single German class! Do not forget to charge your Chromebook the night before.


    If you miss class,


    • It is your responsibility to see me before school when you return back to pick up what you missed.
    • Get a classmate’s phone number or email address to check with them about what you missed that day.
    • Quiz and Test dates are always announced and posted on my school website calendar well in advance. This means, you have this information much ahead of time to prepare for these assessments. If you plan to stay absent on the day of the quiz/test, you need to let me know at least a week in advance. However, if you miss class on the day the quiz/test is administered (without an advance notice to me), I will need a doctor’s/medical note from you to validate that absence.


    PFHS Honor Code: Please read carefully and abide by the Potomac Falls High School Honor Code which can be found on the PFHS home page under Honor Code. 

     BYOT: https://www.lcps.org/Domain/17639

     Extra Help: Please contact me in person/ by email and make an appointment.

    Contact info: radhika.lothe@lcps.org

    Danke sehr!

    -Dr. Lothe


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