• Test Retake Policy               2019-20     Math 6 & Math 8


    This is a work in progress...may change before school starts...so...check back in a week or so.


    You are RESPONSIBLE to meet the following criteria to retake a summative/unit test:

    • All your previous homework assignments, study guides, and other assignments must have been fully completed by the teacher-assigned due dates during that particular unit.
    • Test and the corrections are signed by a parent (2 separate signatures)
    • Test corrections must be made in the corrections spiral notebook & mistakes will be analyzed according to teacher direction
    • You must attend one “Revisit” session to re-learn the material with a math teacher here at school.
    • When the original test is returned, the teacher and student will make a plan for a “revisit” which may include: during class, sessions before school, after school, and/or during resource.
    • Any other requirements from the teacher.

    The retake will be administered on the date the teacher designates, typically after school in my room or during your Resource time.

    The student may retake ONLY 3 sections of a test(s) in the 1st qtr, 2 in the 2nd, and 1 in the 3rd qtr.   No retakes 4th qtr.  Unused retakes do not carry over to the 2nd semester.

    Teachers reserve the right to refuse the retake option – some reasons may include:

    • inadequate preparation for original and/or retake test
    • students trying to raise grade due to careless errors made rather than really having mathematical conceptual issues

    Students who are eligible for a retake and DO NOT follow the steps above by the deadline will not be allowed to complete the retake.

    Read that again…  :-)                    SEE BELOW...

    Here are some resources if you need help with math:
    http://www.wolframalpha.com - Best math website ever!
    http://www.khanacademy.org - Great math videos with explanations and walkthroughs
    http://www.purplemath.com - Great explanations of math concepts with examples
    http://www.mathwords.com - Math dictionary
    Virtual Graphing Calculator:
    Regression Calculator:  Click "Statistics Calculator," the the "Regression Analysis" tab.
    Iphone Free Graphing Calculator App:
    Android Free Graphing Calculator App: