World Languages Department

    LCPS Re-Take Policy

    2020 – 2021


    Reassessment. Reassessments encourage a growth mindset in students and allows them to demonstrate mastery. Teachers will provide opportunity for reassessment of major summative assessments to students who score below an 80% and remediation may be required prior to reassessment. The teacher should provide the opportunity for reassessment within two weeks’ time, whenever possible, and give clear communication on when those opportunities are reasonably available (i.e., time, dates, and location).

    The student should make the effort to coordinate with the teacher to schedule any reassessment. The student will be given the higher grade between the original assessment and the reassessment up to an 80%. Teachers, in consultation with the student support teams and parents, will provide students who demonstrate a pattern of repeated reassessments with an appropriate intervention, including limiting future opportunities for reassessment. 


Last Modified on August 27, 2020