• College Fairs 

    College fairs are an opportunity to gather a lot of information from many schools in one day. They are free and open to all parents and students. Representatives are available to answer questions, but be aware that these fairs are crowded, and the representatives have to meet with many students and parents in a short amount of time.   

    Before you go, find out which colleges are attending the fair and do some online research.  The day of the event, get a map and plan your visit to make efficient use of your time. Ask the questions that you did not get answered in online searches. When you get home, prioritize your list. Contact the schools you are interested in to arrange a visit and/or get more information. Getting your feet on campus is the best way to narrow your choices and find the right fit for you.

    Mark your calendars with the upcoming college fairs:

    2023 LCPS College Fair September 24, 2023   3:00 - 5:00 pm AT Independence High School

    2023 Annual Alcanza College Fair TBD in October 18, 2023 at George Mason University.  Geared toward Latino high school students

    2023 Historically Black Colleges & Universities College Showcase  TBD in November, 2023 at Tuscarora High School in Leesburg, VA

    2023 NACAC Greater Washington DC National College Fair  TBD in October, 2023 

    2023 NACAC Greater Washington DC Performing and Visual Arts College Fair  TBD in November, 2023

    Annual Black College Expo  TBD, March 2023


    College Fair Tips

    It is recommended that students research schools in which they are interested prior to attending the college fair so they might prepare questions that may not be found on a college’s or university’s website. Students may also want to create a list of questions that pertain specifically to them (see some examples below from homeworktips.about.com).


    SchooLinks is a valuable tool when searching for colleges. Students AND parents can access: College Search; College Compare; Scattergrams; create a task list, and much more. Students may complete a School Search in SchooLinks. SchooLinks can be accessed through LCPS Go.


    College Fair Topics and Questions


    Are you wondering how to start a conversation with a college rep? Here are some tips for conversing and getting answers to important questions. It's a good idea to write out a list of things that are important to you before you go.

    Don't feel like you have strange priorities or weird questions if something off-beat is interesting to you. College reps hear the same questions all the time, so they'll be glad to hear something new.

    • Introduce yourself
    • Be specific: try not to ask vague questions
    • Ask for a list of majors
    • Ask about admissions deadlines and the recommendations for taking the SAT 
    • Ask if SAT Subject tests scores are recommended
    • Ask if the rep can waive your application fee, but know that this usually works best at private colleges
    • Ask about scholarships and if you have to apply early to be considered
    • Ask about admission requirements. Some colleges go by scores and grades and follow a formula. Other colleges give greater weight to activities, experience, and interests
    • Ask if a student leader can contact you to give you a student's perspective. Provide an email address for this
    • Ask about food choices on campus and how the food plan works
    • Ask about safety procedures and policies
    • Ask about retention rates. A low retention rate may be a warning sign, but not always
    • Ask: "What's the biggest complaint from current students?"
    • Ask if tutoring is available
    • Ask about class size; remember engaged students can make a large class a dynamic learning environment 
    • Ask for a direct phone number for an admission counselor and a financial aid counselor
    • Ask how and if the administration listens to student concerns
    • Ask if you'll have to pay for parking or if you'll have to walk a million miles from parking lot to classes
    • Ask about the political/social climate


Last Modified on September 20, 2023