Supply List Notes

    Below is the first grade supply list and my own notes are added in red.  :)   There are some things that I am asking parents to label ahead of time with a sharpie, and other items that will be shared and do not need to be labeled.  


    1 pair scissors – Fiskar  Child sized, but any brand name is fine.  Please label.  Put in your child's plastic school box.

    3 Primary Journal Stage 3 books (pages are half picture and half dotted writing lines.)   

    1 pencil school box (approx. 9x2x6)   Please label. 

    2 Boxes 24 Crayola crayons (no glitter or scented) These do not have to be labeled.  Put one in the school box.

    36 #2 Ticonderoga Pencils These don't have to be Ticonderoga, though those will last the longest.  Please sharpen these ahead of time if you can.  Put 6 pencils in the school box.

    6 Black Expo dry erase markers  Low-odor, bullet tip if possible.

    1 large pink eraser  Please label and put in the school box.

    2 box washable Crayola markers  One box will be fine, unlabeled.

    4 (plastic/laminated, non-trapper keeper) sturdy pocket folders, red, green, yellow and blue   I will provide labels for the folders.  The blue folder does not have to be sturdy plastic.

    1 Yellow Highlighter  Please label!  Please put it in the school box.

    20 Elmer’s glue sticks Please put 3 small ones or 1 large one in your child's school box.

    1 pair Headphone (no earbuds) Please label.


    1 backpack 

    1 box of tissues  or 2!

    1 box baby wipes  

    1 – 1/2 inch, 3 ring binder

    Wish List   
    ziploc baggies
    iTunes gift cards for apps for the iPads
    green craft foam
    and yes, band-aides!
    Hot glue gun sticks (small)
    wobble chairs and stools (please talk to me about these)
    clothes for the health office for emergencies:  elastic waisteband pants, new socks, new underwear
    If you would like to contribute to the "extras" that students will use in the classroom, here are a few items on my wishlist!
    With grateful thanks, 
    Mrs. Palkovic