hw                              Homework Philosophy

       Homework is an important part of a child's education because it reinforces what they have learned at school. Homework allows them to become more invested in and responsible for their learning. It also helps to strengthen the home-school connection, as it allows students to demonstrate to their parents what they are learning.  

              Homework Assignments

    Every afternoon as part of our routine I will have the students write their homework down in their agendas. Any worksheets or handouts that are necessary for completion of homework will be given at that boy time and placed in their Homework Folder. It is the students' responsibility to write down the homework in their agenda.  My goal is to  help foster some responsibility in the students so that they will be better prepared for upcoming grades.

    Students will have homework almost every night, with the exception of Fridays. We will have Math and Reading homework, as well as any Word Study they were not able to complete in class. The students are also expected to study their notes and study guides to prepare for Science and Social Studies tests. Homework should not last longer than 30 minutes.


                                          Homework Grading

    Homework does not receive a letter-grade, however that does not mean it should not be completed. The homework that I assign is meant to reinforce and practice the skills learned in class, therefore it is vital that they are reviewing at home. Students will turn in homework daily.  Incomplete/Inconsistent homework will be documented in the effort section of students' report cards. 


                                                   If you have any questions about homework please do not hesitate to email me.