Rehearsal Rules and Guidelines

    (All company members need to read and follow these rules)

    "STRIKE" (removal of set) will take place following the last performance on Sunday. All cast and crew are required to attend strike to receive "thespian points".

    Consider rehearsal like having a job, if you don't go to work you must call in or you might get fired. Rehearsal is the same way, if you are going to miss a rehearsal you MUST let Mr. Rogers know ahead of time. You can email Mr. Rogers (at jonathan.rogers@lcps.org) or call the school (703-957-4300 ext Drama). You will be okay as long as you call in or email before rehearsal starts. If you are with a teacher ask for a note so you may attend rehearsal. Please remember that your rehearsal attendance and punctuality is being keep track of and will count towards Thespian Honor Points. Actors and Tech Crew members also take the chance of losing his or her role or tech job if you miss rehearsal and do not let Mr. Rogers know ahead of time.


    REHEARSAL TIMES Rehearsals for the plays will be from 4:00 to 6:30 PM .


    BE ON TIME Please be at rehearsal on time and ready to begin. Getting to rehearsal on time is to be late, to be on time you  need to be a little early. 


    GRADE Drama is just like any other extra-curricular activity, you must pass to participate.


    HOMEWORK Stay on top of your homework, get it done early each day, don't put it off until the last minute. Bring your homework to rehearsal.


    ATTITUDE A positive attitude is everything. Unlike previous years, negative, disrespectful attitudes will NOT be tolerated. This consists of negative comments and non-verbal body language (like rolling eyes) or negative type scoffing type noises. Students who are rude or disrespectful to directors should not expect to be a part of future plays. Mr. Rogers is always willing to help students with problems and conflicts so long as a positive attitude is used.


    OFF STAGE DRAMA Students who can't get along with other students, the director or feels the need to cause excessive drama within the company will be removed from the production and will not be allowed to have an official role or crew assignment during the next production or OAP. Backstage drama is talking backstage, loud enough to be heard in the audience, not following directions from the stage manager, being violent, arguing with fellow cast or crew, leaving the stage abandoning acting role or tech assignment during a production. NOT following the directions on the Stage Manger.



Last Modified on June 10, 2016