• COURSE TITLE:           Business Management (grades 10-12)


    PREREQUISITE:           None


    DESCRIPTION:             The focus of Business Management is to establish business principles and practices that form the groundwork for all business operations. Business fundamentals such as economic, legal, and social foundations are presented. Students will examine the process of organizing businesses, marketing products and services, financing operations, managing and developing employees, and making difficult business decisions in a dynamic Competitive atmosphere.


    MAIN TOPICS:              Explore the characteristics of business.

    Explore the economic factors affecting business.

    Identify management responsibilities.

    Conduct financial activities.

    Conduct marketing activities.

    Supervise employees.

    Administer human resources functions.

    Develop communication skills for business.

    Prepare for employment.

    Participate in a mock interview and application for promotion.

    Examine all aspects of industry.


    CREDIT INFO:               This course provides a half-credit elective required for the Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma.