• COURSE TITLE:      Business Law (grades 10-12)


    PREREQUISITE:     None


    DESCRIPTION:      Students gain an understanding of legal relationships, such as those between employer and employee, debtor and creditor, government and business, and landlord and tenant. Students also develop an understanding of the elements of contracts, sales transactions, and negotiable instruments. Business law has a major impact on the lives of young persons, adults, and business firms. The student will achieve an understanding of the legal principles that will be useful throughout life.


    MAIN TOPICS:       Examine the foundations of a legal system.

    Identify contracts.
    Examine rights and responsibilities of consumers.

    Explore criminal law.

    Explore tort law.

    Understand personal/family law.

    Identify concepts in international law.

    Examine legal aspects of employment.

    Understand types of business organizations.

    Explore business law careers.

    Participate in a mock interview, create a resume, and create written job-related communications.

    Examine all aspects of industry.


    CREDIT INFO:        This course provides a half-credit elective required for the Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma.