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    Joshua Gates

    A Day:
    2nd period room 112
    B Day:5th period room 112 



    How are you? I hope that you all have a had a wonderful and restful summer vacation. I am very excited to start the 2017-2018 school year working with you. In this class, we will be analyzing and evaluating all of the natural phenomena associated with the Earth and its relationship to the rest of the universe. Areas of study that will be included in this class are Meteorology, Oceanography, Astronomy, and GeologyIn doing so, we will be able to better recognize how these phenomena are constantly impacting our lives on a day-to-day basis. It will be a FANTASTIC year!
    On this website, you will regularly be able to view updates regarding changes in class, due dates for assignments and projects, and review sheets for exams. I will be sure to always announce in class when updates will be posted.
    PowerPoints discussed in class will only be posted for review on the website once we have covered a unit in class and the review for the test for that exam is in progress.
    Mr. Gates

    A DAY

    PERIOD 1              ACADEMIC EARTH SCIENCE                     ROOM 118

    PERIOD 2               PLANNING                                               ROOM 112

    PERIOD 3               Study Hall                                                ROOM 118

    PERIOD 4               ACADEMIC EARTH SCIENCE                    ROOM 118


    B DAY

    PERIOD 5                PLANNING                                               ROOM 118

    PERIOD 6                ACADEMIC EARTH SCIENCE                   ROOM 118

    PERIOD 7               ACADEMIC EARTH SCIENCE                    ROOM 118

    PERIOD 8                ACADEMIC EARTH SCIENCE                  ROOM 118

    • Bachelors:  California University of Pennsylvania - Secondary Education with a concentration in Earth Science