• Music Masters, Hail to Thee

    The Tri-M Loyalty Song

    Alexander M. & Frances M. Harley, Words and Music

    Verse 1:
    Music Masters hail to thee,

    Honor, love, and loyalty.
    Forward together is our aim,
    Sharing our honors for her fame.
    To our pledge we shall be true
    As we raise our song to you,
    “Service through Music” is our guide,
    Tri-M triumphant is our pride.

    Verse 2:
    Music Masters, then shall be,
    In our cherish’d memory.
    Our guiding light of service true,

    We wear our emblem proudly too.
    As we now your praises sing,
    Let our anthem loudly ring,
    Modern Music Masters we,
    God bless our Society!