• Whole Foods Kids Foundation

    Thank you, Whole Foods and Whole Kids Foundation for our $3,000 grant that will be used to repair and replace many of our raised beds that were originally constructed 10 years ago.  Now we have an opportunity to update the raised beds with a stone-type product that will last longer and look beautiful!  We appreciate their long-standing support in our garden lab programs! (Fall 2021)

    Lettuce Grow Farmstand review: A hydroponic garden fit for beginners Thank you, Lettuce Grow for the Lettuce Grow Farmstand hydrophonic growing tower and salad seedlings to expand our methods for growing.  (September 2021)

    VA Agric in Classroom Thank you to Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom for our grant that will enable us to purchase new frost cover materials to extend our crops into the Winter and will allow us to purchase a Grow Light for our Farmstand (our hydrophonic growing tower), so we can grow another crop of lettuce inside during the Winter. (October 2021)


    Thank you, FDE PTA!  We want to say a special thank you to the PTA for funding all the soil amendments to top off the raised beds and for the new stone raised bed structure that will replace the wooden raised bed that needed repair.  We are excited to try a more solid structure for the raised beds that will help us sustain the beds without as much care or repair.  (May 2021)


    Thank you to Jimmy Cunningham for creating and producing an updated garden lab video. (February 2020)  What a wonderful way for us to share this special outdoor learning lab for those who have not been able to visit it.  2020 FDE Garden Lab Video by Jimmy Cunningham


    Image result for unitarian universalist church of loudoun

    Thank you to Unitarian Universalist Church of Loudoun for their November plate donation to the garden lab.  (Winter 2019) The funds will help in reconstructing raised beds that produce food for our students and are served in the cafeteria and increase crop production.

    Image result for seed savers exchangeThank you to Seed Savers Exchange for the seed donation.  (Fall 2019) Thank you to Courtney Soria from our PTA Garden Lab Committee for applying for the seed grant.


    Thank you to Action for Healthy Kids for the grant money that enabled the new arbors and trellis systems to increase produce production and the new Morning Show stretching and healthy living segments.  (Summer 2019/Fall 2019)

    Image result for action for healthy kids https://www.actionforhealthykids.org/

    Thank you to Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom for the grant money that will enable us to purchase QR Plant identification signs this school year. (Fall 2018 with installation Spring 2019)  

     Image result for virginia agriculture in the classroom https://www.agclassroom.org/

     QR code sign   iPad scan QR sign  


     Audubon Naturalist Society  Thank you to the Audubon Naturalist Society for giving our first and second graders the opportunity to do your "Salad Science" program and for providing the garden program for our preschoolers. (Spring 2019)

    Thank you to The Leesburg Farmers Market for providing our Kindergartners with the opportunity to become a vendor for the day to sell the seeds we harvested and packaged from our garden lab.  We raised $117.02 for our garden lab!  What a fun experience and so important for us to be connected with our local farmers.  We are a Farm to School!

    pergola with shade cloth  Thank you to Michael and Barbara Smilow for donating the shade cloth for our new pergola.  Thank you to Pop and Jim Cunningham for installing the shade cloth.

    Image result for forever redwoodThank you to Forever Redwood for making our pergola over the main garden lab table a reality!  We appreciate your sustainable practices, your personal care in hand making our pergola kit, your substantial financial contribution and for all the time and effort to have the pergola shipped from California to us.  It was a pleasure to work closely with your staff!

    Be sure to check out "About Forever Redwood" on their web page:  


    pergola  Pergola fall 2018


    We want to also acknowledge the Frederick Douglass PTA financial support and the grant from the LCPS nutrition department for providing the funding for the balance of the pergola kit.

    Finally, a huge thank you to Pop, Set in Stone, Jim Cunningham, and Bobby Cunningham for the installation of the pergola.  We appreciate the volunteers who came out to support them:  Kevin, Val, and Zack.


    Thank you to Jimmy Cunningham and Robert Johnson for the amazing garden lab video production.

    Click for FDE Garden Lab Video Tour


    We want to thank our amazing FDE Summer Garden Lab volunteers who care for the garden lab by watering and weeding all summer long.  

    Potting bench donation  Thank you to the Sivongsa family for donating the new potting bench!


    Thank you to The Leesburg Farmers Market for providing our Kindergartners with the opportunity to become a vendor for the day to sell the seeds we harvested and packaged from our garden lab.  We raised $232, which will all go back to sustaining this very special garden.  The experience was priceless!

    seed sale   girls selling seeds   Seeds sold

    Northern Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  NVAND  Thank you to NVAND for the grant money that will help us build a shade structure over the center lab table this summer. (Spring 2018)

    Image result for virginia agriculture in the classroom  Thank you to Virginia Agriculture in the Classroom for the grant money that will enable us to build frost covers for our raised beds, so we can extend our crops into the winter. (Fall 2017)

    Thank you to the Loudoun High School Navy JROTC for volunteering to help prepare for the start of a new school year by sanding and staining the shed and main garden lab table.   (Summer 2017)

    NJROTC volunteers  


    Thank you to the FDE PTA for supporting the garden and providing all the soil for the raised beds and the wood for the new tiered strawberry bed.  Thank you to the Arrington family for donating a double compost tumbler to our composting program.

    Image result for loudoun high school junior rotc  NJROTC group shot


    Thank you to the Loudoun High School Navy JROTC for volunteering to help install our new tiered raised bed and trellis, bringing into the courtyard over 50 bags of soil, filling our raised beds with the soil, pruning the lavender and rosemary, removing the insulation around the fig tree, bagging the straw for future use, and for cleaning up after the projects were completed.  Pop, our horticulturalist expert and retired Army officer, was impressed by your hard work, team work, dedication, positive attitude, and commitment to this project despite the freezing weather.


    Image result for home depot images Thank you to the Leesburg Home Depot for their continued support with discounts and free shipping of items for our garden lab.


    Image result for kohl's images

    Thank you to the Leesburg KOHL's volunteers who came to help Kindergarten with packaging the seeds from the garden lab and painting posters for our annual seed sale.

    KOHL volunteers   painting posters


    Thank you to Set in Stone for the installation of our new pad for our compost tumblers.  We appreciate your time over the weekend!



    Image result for tractor supply  

    Thank you to Tractor Supply Co. of Leesburg for donating the cattle fencing needed for the upcoming espalier apple tree trellis.


    Image result for walmart

    Thank you to the Walmart Supercenter Store #2038 in Sterling for the grant money that will help us complete a pad for our compost program.

     Image result for meadow farms images Thank you to Meadow Farms Nurseries for their support with discounts and free delivery of the gravel and trees.


    A huge thank you to our FDE Summer and Fall Garden Lab volunteers for taking such wonderful care of the garden lab this summer and fall!  The garden lab looks amazing and ready for another school year all thanks to your efforts.


    Thank you to Sislers Stone for their donation of four reading boulders and the free delivery of our boulders.  Our students are excited about sitting on their new "reading rocks" around the "happy table".

    Image result for sislers stone  Reading Rocks and Happy Table


    Thank you to Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum in Lancaster, PA for providing us with plants for our garden lab.


    Thank you to the volunteers from the Leesburg and Sterling KOHL's stores for helping our Kindergartners make advertising posters and package sunflower, cotton, and milkweed seeds for our annual seed sale.  We packaged over 250 packages of seeds!


    KOHL's leesburg volunteers   Kohl's volunteer packaging seeds with students


    FDE Garden Lab Receives Two Grants for the 2015-2016 School Year

    Thank you to the following organizations for supporting our garden lab!

    Whole Foods Kids Foundation and 

    Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District

    Watch our garden grow!  We now have funding for our Native plant garden, the blueberry and raspberry plants, a composter, a worm composter, a cold frame, a bird house, and our special reading rocks.


    Summer 2015 Volunteers & Corporate Support

    Taylor family volunteers

    Thank you to the following groups, families, individuals, and companies for your support:

    • Summer Garden Lab volunteers for care of the garden lab:  Allder family, Cox family, Foster family, Lamb family, Pake family,  and Settipani family
    • Volunteers and support for the new raised bed project and new gravel pathways:  Pop Goodhart, Mark Pankau from Guilford Elementary School, the Taylor family, Jim Cunningham, Home Depot, Meadowfarms, and the construction crew from the FDE Playground installation project.
    • Creation and donation of the Black Locust Table and benches:  Pop Goodhart


    Essiaw family Menzenwerth family

    Ehrhardt family Holmberg family

    Oma Lamb Jimmy


    August Work Days 2015 Volunteers & Corporate Support

    Thank you to the following groups, families, individuals, and companies for your support in completing the new raised beds, tables, benches, pathways and preparing the garden for the new school year:

    •  Volunteers - Cunningham/Goodhart family, Ehrhardt family, Essiaw family, Holmberg family, Lamb family, Menzenwerth family and Mark Pankau
    • Corporate Sponsors - Home Depot and Meadow Farms
    • Donations - Martin Stolpe for the donation of the wood and Jack Stern for the tiller
    • Black locust Picnic table and bench created by Pop Goodhart
    • Raised bed created by Pop and Jim Cunningham