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    Online Pre-registration


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    Activation & Account Management

    You will access StudentVUE with your LCPS username/password.

    Secondary students must first log into an LCPS computer and change their default password. Once that is complete you may access StudentVUE from any internet enabled computer (or with the StudentVUE app). Elementary students grades 2-5 must first log into an LCPS computer and change their default password. Grades K-1 may log in immediately with their assigned password. The URL for StudentVUE is https://portal.lcps.org.
    If you have forgotten your password, contact the IFT at your school who can reset it for you.
    Yes. Students can log into an LCPS computer and press CTRL-ALT-DELETE. Click on the Change a Password… button. Follow the steps to enter a new password.

    Students may also use LCPSGO to change their password from any internet enabled device.

    StudentVUE Data & Security

    You may view:
    • Class and assignment grades
    • Assignment details including upcoming and overdue assignments
    • Course details and resource links
    • Course History
    • Attendance information
    • Immunization records
    • District/classroom messages
    • Demographic information
    • School events
    Although the website is accessible over the internet, access to your information is secured by your username and password. The application is hosted within LCPS – no third party vendor is hosting this.
    The StudentVUE portal has a number of features designed to make the system safe and secure for maintaining student grade information. First, the URL for the portal begins with https://, rather than the standard http://. This indicates that the information contained on that page is secure and encrypted. This is similar to what you would see in the URL for online banking or any e-commerce site. Second, the StudentVUE portal provides read-only access. Using the portal does not allow anyone to change information, only to view the information on the page. Even a request to change phone numbers or email addresses is simply a request – until it is approved by school staff no changes are made in the database. The primary method for keeping the StudentVUE portal secure, however, is to keep the password issued to you confidential, and to always logout of the system.
    If you see inaccurate demographic information, contact the ParentVUE Support contact listed on the ParentVUE Channel on your school's website. The Get Live Help page has information on navigating to the ParentVUE Channel.

    If the inaccurate information relates to the current school year grading/assignment information please contact your teacher.

    Using StudentVUE

    The StudentVUE portal is driven by the menu items on the left side of the screen.
    The StudentVUE app provides access to much of the same content available in the StudentVUE web version, with some exceptions. To view content not available in the mobile app, use the browser on your mobile device and go to https://portal.lcps.org.
    • The StudentVUE app is available for both the iOS and Android platforms.
    • Requires wireless, 3G or LTE Internet connection.
    • The iOS app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
    • The Android version requires Android 4.1 or later.
    • The StudentVUE mobile app uses the same user name and password as the web-based StudentVUE portal.
    • The URL for the StudentVUE app is https://portal.lcps.org.
    View the Mobile Apps page for more information.



    Communication tools on various StudentVUE screens makes it easy to facilitate collaboration by allowing students to directly contact teachers. In the StudentVUE web version, teachers associated with your classes display as a blue link which can be used to create an email. In the StudentVUE app, tap the Schedule menu item, then tap the Envelope icon beside a teacher’s name to send an email.
    Questions regarding Loudoun County Public School's assessment and grading expectations can be answered here. Additional school-specific expectations for updating gradebooks, adding new assignments, and responding to emails are located on the school's ParentVUE Channel.
    The grades displayed on the grade summary screen vary depending on grade level. You can choose a particular marking period to view by clicking on the marking period links above the Grade Book summary.

    Grades K-5 - The Grade Book screen allows you to view your grades in the first, second, third, and fourth quarters. You must be viewing your grades in Standards View since Elementary Students are graded based on the Standards associated with the assignment, and not the assignment itself.

    Grades 3-5 - The Grade Book screen allows you to view your grades in the first, second, third, and fourth quarters.

    Grades 6-12 - The Grade Book screen allows you to view your grades in the first, second, third, and fourth quarters along with the course grade. Note: If you are taking a high school credit bearing course, you will also see the semester grades.
    The message “The PDF report card is not available for Marking Period X” displays when a school has not uploaded a PDF copy of a student’s report card.

    In the StudentVUE web version you may still view the grades that you received for the marking period. You can view grades for previous marking periods by clicking on the Marking Period 1 | Marking Period 2 | Marking Period 3 | Marking Period 4 links at the top of the Report Card screen.

    In the mobile app, only the PDF copy of a report card appears in the Report Card menu item. If a PDF copy of the report card has not been uploaded, you may still view final marking period grades in the Grade Book menu item.
    StudentVUE only displays grades for your current school of enrollment. If you have transferred from one LCPS school to another in the current school year, you will have access to grades, assignments and messages for the current school only.
    The Grade Book Summary in the StudentVUE web version displays a section for each school where you take classes. Although the section at your home school lists the classes you take at a concurrent school, the assignments and grades are not listed here. Click on the link for a class in the Grade Book Summary of the concurrent school to view your assignments and grades.

    The Grade Book menu in the StudentVUE mobile app displays the assignment and grade book information for the student’s home school. Change to your concurrent school by choosing from the menu at the top to view assignments and grades for the concurrent school.
    A MABS class meets every day and has different grading periods than classes that meet every other day. The following chart compares these grading periods:

    Standard Classes  MABS Classes 
    Marking Period 1  T1A 
    Marking Period 2  T1B 
    Marking Period 3  T2A 
    Marking Period 4  T2B 

    The StudentVUE/ParentVUE web app displays separate sections for these grading periods. You may need to scroll down to view the MABS grading periods.

    The StudentVUE/ParentVUE mobile app displays the grading periods at the top of the screen. Scroll this list to the right (Android: choose from the menu at the top) to view and select a MABS grading period.

    MABS classes


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