• Tips for Success in German Class


    1. Complete your assignments on time

    2. Spend 15-20 minutes every night reviewing your class notes

    3. Stay organized. Keep class handouts in a binder or folder along with your notes.

    4. Come prepared for class. You will need your binder, paper and pen/pencil EVERY DAY!

    5. Come for extra help. Frau Wells is available by appointment during SHIELD and before/after school.

    6. Make flashcards (online or with index cards) to review vocabulary. 

    7. Check out the links in my “Deutsch im Internet” tab.

    8. Make it a habit. Text auf Deutsch with some of your classmates (not during school)

    9. When you are in class, be in class. Be present. Participate. Ask to have things repeated if you are struggling, and ask questions when you don’t understand something.

    10. Use the words you do know to help you determine the ones you don’t. 

    11. Watch German TV shows on youtube.

    12. Avoid excessive tardies and absences. 

    13. How much time does a student need to spend studying to be successful? 

      Suggestion: 20 minutes a day reviewing vocabulary & rote grammar like verb conjugations (can be done as 20 min solid block or be broken down into four 5 minute blocks); 10 minutes practicing speaking phrases/mini dialogues per day or 50 minutes per week with a study group; 30 minutes homework after each class, and 20 minutes prep time before each class. Time occasionally needed for projects or compositions. Adds up to approximately 2-3 hours of study time per hour spent in class, depending on students' focus and attitude. *If the suggestions above are followed, the need for "cram" studying (not effective for language learning) will be eliminated. A review of notes, and trickier questions will be sufficient.