Thank you to all of our FDE Garden Lab summer volunteers!  Click to see the summer volunteer calendar:  2019 Summer Volunteer Calendar for the FDE Garden Lab
    Volunteering in the FDE Garden Lab:  Rewarding for our students, our staff, our families, and our community.  Come join us!
    Please be sure to contact Marykirk Cunningham, FDE Garden Lab coordinator at mary.cunningham@lcps.org if you are interested in volunteering in the FDE Garden lab.

    Current Volunteer Opportunities:

    1. Garden Lab Mom and Dad:  Parent assistants to work with teachers in the garden.  Ask your child's teacher to sign up for this volunteer position in your child's classroom. 

     Volunteer for the garden committee, summer garden volunteers, watering the garden in the Fall and Spring, end of summer work day and specific gardening tasks.

    New projects or potential future projects:

         Seeking funding and support from local businesses

    • Solar and/or wind powered fountain or water feature - future project projected for 2020 depending on approvals and obtaining funding
    • Convertible raised bed cover creating a versatile cool frame (for extending crop growth time) and opening to a trellis system - future project for 2020
    • Musical componants to include chimes - future project for 2019 and 2020 (Seeking funding) 

    4. Be creative. We want your ideas.