• Homework
    Every night for homework students will...
     read, read, and read some more!
    Please keep track of your reading.
    Twenty minutes of reading each night is highly recommended.
    *Monthly book talks start in October. 
     Option 1: Read books from home or the library.  
    Click here for a Printable Reading Log.
    We will keep this log in the back cover of our Home folder.
    Option 2: Read e-books through RAZ Kids.
    This program will automatically log  the titles of books read online. 
    Please just write "RAZ Kids" on the Home folder Reading Log.
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    Teacher username: nnwadigo
    Next, click on your child’s name. Password: wat1 
     All of the collected reading logs will be returned at the end of each marking period. 
    Bonus Activities:
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    No login is required. UPDATE: Only sight words will be available online. Check your child's home folder for each new spelling list.
      Play a game with your sight words
    Challenge Words:
     Complete a session of Xtramath 
    Please set up a parent account in order to monitor your child's progress.
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