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    Welcome to Mr. Hallock’s biography page.  Mr. Hallock grew up in central New Jersey, moving to Charlottesville, Virginia in 1997 to attend the University of Virginia.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a Master of Teaching degree from that institution in 2002.  Since then, Mr. Hallock has been teaching the Social Sciences in Loudoun County, first at Broad Run High School for thirteen years, and now in year four as a founding member of the Riverside Ram family.  He currently teaches two classes of AP United States History (11th Grade), and three classes of Intro to AP World History (9th Grade).  In addition, Mr. Hallock is the co-coach of Riverside's Academic Competition Team ("The Nerd Herd"), and a mentor for new teachers.

    My 2018-19 Schedule:

     1st  Study Hall (Cafeteria)  5th  Intro to AP World History
     2nd  AP US History  6th  Intro to AP World History
     3rd  AP US History  7th  Intro to AP World History
     4th  Planning  8th  SSGS Common Planning
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    Grading Policy:  All classes determine a student’s grade by utilizing two categories of assessments when calculating the quarter grade. Summative assessments include unit tests, unit quizzes, essays, and projects and will determine 90% of the grade. Formative assessments, including homework, reading quizzes, and classwork, will determine 10% of the grade.
    Reassessment Policy: Reassessments are an option for students who earn below an 84% on the original assessment.  Prior remediation is required before taking the reassessment.  Remediation assignments and reassessments must be completed in accordance with the posted deadlines. Students may earn up to an 84% on the reassessment. Retests will ONLY be given on Monday and Tuesday mornings at 8:15am and on the afternoon of the activity bus.
    Extra Curricular Positions
     Co-Coach - Riverside HS Academic Competition Team
     Mentor for new teachers