Degrees and Certifications:

Heather Olis

Originally from Connecticut, Miss Olis first came to Virginia to attend James Madison University.  After graduation, but before becoming a teacher, she was a counselor at NYLC, working with high school students in an over-night week-long civics-based program.  A year later, she began teaching at Loudoun Valley High School.  Since then, she has had the experience of teaching English 9, 10, 11, 12 at various levels.  She is currently the sponsor of the Loudoun Valley Service Initiative, a service-based organization; each year she works cooperatively to facilitate fundraisers and collections in support of local causes within the school and its community.


A Day

Block 1: English 11 honors

Block 2: CLT: Grade 10 / CLT: Grade 11

Block 3: duty

Block 4: English 11H

B Day  

Block 5: AP Language and Composition

Block 6: Englih 10H

Block 7: planning / pd

Block 8: AP Lang and Composition