Reading Is Fundamental @ Sterling Elementary!
    Twice each year, every Sterling Elementary student receives the gift of a brand-new book of their choice during library time!

    These books are purchased with PTA funds in conjunction with the Reading is Fundamental Program. Reading is Fundamental (RIF) is the largest children’s literacy nonprofit in the United States.  The goal of RIF is to motivate young children to read by making reading a fun and beneficial part of everyday life.
    Student choose RIF books during the fall and spring. It is hoped that these books, along with those that students collect at other events and occasions, will form the basis of a budding home library and encourage a lifelong love of reading.

    We always have a wonderful selection of RIF books for students to choose from.  If you’d like to stop by the library to read one of the RIF books aloud to a class or simply get acquainted with Sterling’s wonderful program, please let me know.

    To learn more about this wonderful program: http://www.rif.org
Last Modified on September 6, 2019