• Places to Look for Lost Library Books
    Was there ever a time you lost your books and can't possibly remember where you placed them? Here's a list to help you search for them...
    Around the House
    • In the car (remember to check under the seats and don't forget the trunk!)
    • Behind the washing machine or dryer
    • In your younger brother's or sister's stroller
    • In the recycling bin
    • In your folder or backpack (don't forget to check your siblings backpack!)
    • In the couch or chairs
    • In your refrigerator, freezer, oven, or dishwasher and even the microwave
    • In your bedroom or on your bookshelf (check your siblings' rooms as well!)
    • In your bed, dresser or closet
    • In the Toy box
    • In the Playroom
    • In the Tree house
    • Did Mom or Dad pack them away with holiday decorations?
    • Are they packed away in boxes because you're moving to a different house?
    • In the magazine racks
    • Under a rug
    • Finally, ask relatives (grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle) 

    Around Town 
    • Doctor's or Dentist's office
    • Did you accidentally take it to the public library?
    • Daycare or after-school program
    • Mom or Dad's workplace
    • Remember all the errands your parents run (grocery store, bank, etc.)
    • At a restaurant 
    • At a hotel
    At School
    • Check in the car or bus before getting dropped off for school
    • Classroom
    • Library bin
    • In the PE room, cafeteria, hallway
    • In the school office
    • In your backpack or lunch box
    • Ask your teacher if he or she found your book in the classroom
    • Ask your friends if they've seen your book
    • Check the classroom library 
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