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    I am enjoying my Summer break. I hope you and your family are too. I am spending time with family and friends, hiking, biking, reading, playing guitar, bowed psaltery, piano & flute, writing some music, attending a music festival and a music workshop or two. I'm also thinking up some wonderful music lessons to share with you when you return to school in August.  I hope you are keeping up with your reading and singing a few songs during the break! Long car trips are a wonderful time to sing with your family. So, make a playlist and sing along or sing some oldies, but goodies, like, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" or "Alice the Camel" or "99 Bottles of (your favorite drink) on the Wall." My favorite is mint ice tea in the summer.
    I have a great dog named Gizmo who loves his purple, polka-dotted pig. It actually grunts like a pig! It grunts and Gizmo growls. Its great fun to watch. Gizmo is looking forward to many more walks this Summer, since I'll be home more!
    Mr. Baber and I are looking forward to making music again with everyone when school starts back up. Music class meets twice a week for 30 minutes. In Music, we sing, listen, move, play instruments, learn to read music, perform and enjoy expressing ourselves through music in a variety of ways. My lesson topics are taken from the Loudoun County Elementary School Music Curriculum and the National and Virginia State Standards of Music. We sing, move and make music for the school, friends and family by performing several programs throughout the year. Students in fourth and fifth grade have the opportunity to perform during a Choral Unit concert. 
    During Music classes, students are expected to:
    Make music everyday!
    Use good posture, try you best & smile.
    Stay on task & have fun participating in lessons.
    Inspire yourself and others by trying new things.
    Cooperate with everyone and follow directions.
    I love teaching here on "The Hill," as Mr. Davis likes to call it. I'm looking forward to seeing you in August and making music together with you and your classmates. In between now and then, be sure to take some time to read, hike, bike,climb a tree, sing and play in the sunshine! 
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Last Modified on June 10, 2019