Photography Syllabus    Ms. Dadiego

    Photography assignments and criteria are based on LCPS Photography Syllabus and Curriculum, VA State SOLs and National Art Standards. Art standards links are on Ms. Dadiego’s web page.

    Photography is a semester course serving as an introduction to black and white, and digital photography. The class will be offered to those students who have completed Art I, at a minimum, in order to assure that students have a background in basic design and composition. The main objectives of this course are to learn about the workings of a 35mm single lens reflex camera, the chemistry of film and print development, digital photography, and the aesthetics of good quality compositional photographs. Students will work in adobe Photoshop to artistically alter and augment photos. It is desired, although not required, that students provide their own cameras. Some history of photography will also be introduced.

    Four main areas of concentration include:


    Care and use of the camera

    Darkroom procedures

    Use of lighting techniques

    Camera types, lenses, film types and exposures

    Manipulating images

    Producing original photographs

    Producing a portfolio


    Describing good photographs

    Analyzing composition of photographs

    Interpreting photographs

    Evaluating photographs



    History of photography (early pioneers)

    Trends in modern photography







    CREDIT INFO: A fine or practical arts course is any state-approved course, grades 9-12, in art, music, drama, or vocational education. One credit is needed to graduate.

    Each student will receive a copy of the following:

    • Classroom syllabus and grading policy

    • Classroom responsibilities and expectations for Riverside Art Studio

    • Classroom technology use in the Riverside Art Computer lab/classroom

    Please take time to read these documents so you and your student will be aware of what the expectations are in art class.


    Photography Supply List :  

    "New for 2018 19  Online Ordering options for photo paper supply kit. 

    Information will be given in class"