Introduce yourself to your counselor! They are in the front hallways in the mornings. Stop by before or after school, during your lunch or study hall. 
    Get in the habit of checking your LCPS email account. All communication will go through that account!
    Follow the FHS Counseling Department and College and Career Center on Twitter @fhsfhythenest
    Explore SCHOOLINKS
    TO DO
    Make sure your information on SchooLinks Student is up to date- update your e-mail.
    Meet your counselor- tell them good things that are happening to you! 
    Explore your career options on SchooLinks Student.
    Start your plan for what you want to do beyond high school.
    Continue saving for college.
    Stay on track with your courses and grades.
    Begin learning about college admissions process.
    Stay involved with your extracurricular activities. 
    Contact colleges that interest you.
    Get ready to take College Entrance Exams (SATs/ACTs). 
    Consider taking the SAT subject tests.
    When selecting classes for your Junior year, challenge yourself academically.
    Make your college wish list.
    Pursue meaningful summer activities.
    Be great. Be gracious. Be grateful!   
    Take challenging classes in the core academic subjects ENGLISH, MATH, HISTORY and SCIENCE.  Take a least 2 years of language and round out your course load with required classes and electives. See High School Course Selection and LCPS’s Program of Studies. 
    Get involved in school and your community. Check out FHS’s clubs, activities and athletics. Consider volunteering or working. Colleges would rather see real involvement in one activity instead of loose connections to several. 
    Get help if you need it-see our Academic Help webpage.
    Check out the college and career webpage. There are many resources available to you! Come visit Mrs. Wood in the Career Center.
    Get on SchooLinks Student. SchooLinks is a comprehensive college and career readiness tool used to help connect you to your post high school goals. It has information on all the colleges in the United States and on helping you align your interests with careers and majors. It also has a Resume builder- start adding your awards, honors, paid and volunteer work, camps, etc.



Last Modified on June 10, 2024