Multivariable calculus takes mathematics to a whole new dimension, literally and figuratively.  We start with an exploration of the third dimension (since that is as far as my little brain can take me), move to analyzing functions of three dimensions (basically  up-dimensionalizing what we did in BC Calculus), then move to what is called Vector Calculus (which is truly mind-blowing).
    This course is equivalent to a third semester college class.  I will expect you to be prepared to do that level of work.  That said, I expect you to have fun in this class and explore the world we are entering.  You have reached the pinnacle of math in high school, so this class is about the learning, not about the grade.  So...quit worrying about grades and colleges; just enjoy the cool stuff we'll learn about in this class!


    Your first stop to get information for this class is in our Schoology course.  The Schoology course will have all administraive information and general course information.   All content matter will be in OneNote, which is linked to our Schoology course.   
    (Parents, if you want copies of any of this stuff, don't hesitate to contact me.  I'll send you whatever you want.) 



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