• January 9th, 2020 Treasurer's Report

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 1/9/2020

    Treasurer's Report 1-8-20


    Beginning Balance on January 7th was: $27,807.37


     November/December and beginning of January


    Major Expenses included:

    • Accounting softward $60/month
    • $448 remainder of the payment for the STEAM Night
    • Teacher Supply Funds were paid out
    • $603 cash box set up for Holiday Shop
    • $218.12 Watch Dog Dads Program
    • $1,037.98 in Spirit Wear purchases


    Major Deposits included:

    • $202.70 from Chipotle Spirit Night
    • $647.30 from Graphic Edge (Spirit Wear)
    • $545.24 from Harris Teeter
    • $2,496.96 total profit from Holiday Shop



    • upcoming/expected deposits include the funds from ASEP
    • upcoming/expected payments are ASEP Teacher fee
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  • November 2019 - Updates to 2019-2020 Budget

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 11/12/2019
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  • November 8th 2019 - Treasurer Report

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 11/12/2019

    Treasurer’s Report 11-8-19


    Beginning balance on November 1stwas: $30,564.68

    September/October and beginning of November

    Major Expenses included:

    • Bear Crawl: $9,809.95, which included foam machine (that we will use at future events), obstacle supplies, shirts ($5,470.80), house headbands ($1,058.40), and concessions
    • Accounting software went from $45/month to $60/month
    • Check was written to the accountants for $850 for 990 preparation for the final PTA filing
    • ASEP checks were written to the teachers (totaling $4,677)
    • Paid the invoice for the spirit wear (mugs) which was $589.50
    • $210 Spooky Sock Hop expenses (receipts/reimbursements may still be pending.If you have any, please turn in ASAP)
    • $350 Spooky Sock Hop DJ
    • $148.76 Staff Appreciation Expense
    • $112 deposit for Field Trip to Discovery Museum
    • $176.64 PE Fund
    • $576.72 school office supplies (laminating expense)
    • $218.22 Watch Dog Dads Program

    Major Deposits Included:

    • $28,695.19 from Bear Crawl (minus expenses give a net of $18,885.24)
    • $6,420.15 from ASEP sign-ups
    • $146.61 Coke Rewards
    • $100 Rinehart Chalking Spirit Night
    • $125 Martial Arts Dodgeball
    • $179 in spirit wear purchases
    • $300 Katy Prime Spooky Sock Hop DJ Sponsor
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  • September 5th 2019 - Treasurer Report

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 9/25/2019

    The PTO Board met with Mr. Davis on August 8thto go over the 2019-2020 budget that will be voted on at today’s meeting. (Copies are provided on the tables)

    Not many changes from last year’s budget, but some items to note that are different from last year are:

    • Expected store rewards has decreased since we lost the Giant Store Rewards
    • The playground was paid for last year, so that large expense has been taken out, however we have added in sunshades for the playground, which will cost around $6,000 (this is an estimate—we still need to get proposals, so this number could change)
    • Teacher’s funds are slightly lower this year since we gave each grade grants at the end of last year for supplies. ($14/student to $12/student) (will be paid half now, half mid-year once receipt folders are collected)

    Beginning balance for August was $7310.90, balance as of 9/5/2019 was $8501.18.


    Expenses included:

    • Renewal of PTO Insurance for the 2019-2020 school year ($490)
    • Accounting software ($45)
    • “Teacher’s Funds” checks (half of the total amount) were issued to teachers at $12/student.
    • Spirit Wear was purchased in the amount of $244.69
    • Labels for Spirit Nights (for the year) in the amount of $67.82

    For next month, we plan on the following expenses:

    • Spirit wear mugs (invoice is for $589.50)
    • Bear Crawl items
      • Shirts
      • Supplies for setting up obstacles
      • Inflatable rental
      • Food

    Deposits Included:

    • $500 Dirt Farm Brewery Spirit Night
    • $750 Purcellville Pediatric Dentistry (folder sponsor), stickers to be distributed soon
    • $780 Sprout School Supplies
    • $258 from BTSN Spirit Wear Sales

    Expected deposits:

    • We are expecting additional deposits from Spirit Wear sales of approximately $600 from the online store and around $1,600 from sales during Back to School events.
    • Bear Crawl Sponsors
    • Spirit Nights
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  • September 2019 - Approved 2019-20 Budget

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 9/7/2019 8:00:00 AM
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  • Working Budget as of 5/22/19

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 5/23/2019
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  • Round Hill ES Playground Proposal

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 4/4/2019
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  • March 2019 Treasurer Report

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 3/15/2019

    Treasurer’s Report

    March 15, 2019

    General PTA Meeting



    We’ve had a number of successful fundraisers and “Family Events” over the past few months:

    • Bingo Night: $5193.90
    • Snow Ball: $1438.08
    • Brick Fundraiser: Purchased bricks from friends and family came out to $11,411.50 (installation expenses and the actual pavers themselves came to $8,387), leaves a positive balance of roughly $3024.50. We have purchased large pavers which will be engraved with the names of ALL RHES staff.



    Coke Rewards to Date: $993.86

    Store Rewards (Amazon Smiles, HT, and Giant): $4160.12


    Received an “Action for Healthy Kids” grant in the amount of $250


    Received $75 from our partnership with Loudoun Theater


    As of 3/1/19, the balance in the checking account is $18,391.96.

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  • January 2019 Treasurer Report

    Posted by Stacey Schoeffler on 2/1/2019

    The taxes were prepared and filed with the IRS for the period July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.


    We are looking for a volunteer to conduct the financial audit for the period that will be July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019.  Regina has done this for us for the last few years (THANK YOU, REGINA!), but the time has come for her to pass the torch onto the next superstar.  Please email Lizzie Huff at eahuff@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering.


    As of December 31, 2018, the balance in the checking account is $10,386.21.



    • the playground, which has been paid in full at $47,012
    • the RAZ Kids License renewal of $2557.08
    • Tax Preparation of $825
    • Other misc. expenses included: PTA Memberships paid to the VA-PTA, misc. fundraising expenses, WatchDog Dads meeting, ASEP payments, and the Spooky Sock Hop (DJ) of $325.




    • We had two successful fall fundraisers; The Color Run brought in a profit of $14,400.73; and the Mickman Brothers Wreath Fundraiser, a profit of $68.
    • The Tree Farm Fundraiser also brought in $55
    • We received $165 in donations at the Spooky Sock Hop (165-325= -160)
    • Spirit Nights have brought in a total of $2069.62 for this school year.


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  • June 2018

    Posted by LARISSA SCHLOSSER on 6/6/2018

    Round Hill Elementary PTA – Treasurer’s Report

    Jaime Phillips – Treasurer



    June Update

        1. Current cash resources: $49,782
        2. Pending deposits: $1,229
        3. Pending commitments: $1295
        4. Total funds available: $49,716
      • All fundraising for the school year is complete and final numbers and budget will be completed for the year-end treasurer’s report (after 6/30 YE).
      • Planned remaining expenses include:
        1. Fifth grade festivities
        2. Startup funds for next year (approx. 13k)



    For any questions or concerns, please reach out to Jaime Phillips at Jaime.d.phillips@pwc.com


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