•  What is Expect Respect?

    • The practice of using a specific school-wide common phrase or word  (to be decided by the school) that will be used by everyone (staff and students) to interrupt mistreatment or bullying.
    • Allows for interruption of mistreatment in a way that is respectful to everyone involved.
    • "Expect Respect” is a bullying prevention component developed by the researchers at the University of Oregon who developed the current framework for PBIS.

    What does Expect Respect look like at THS?

    At THS, we opted to continue using our motto RISE to implement Expect Respect.
    • We are teaching students to identify bullying or disrespectful behavior by saying "That's not RISE. You're being DISRESPECTFUL."
    • If there is a situation of mistreatment or bullying at school, what is the common expectation of what will be said or done? Staff Member or student intervenes or requests assistance.
    • Office Referral occurs if intervention does not achieve positive results.

    Why use Expect Respect? Expect Respect is a county-wide/nationally recognized program that reduces bullying and reduces school violence.   A positive school climate is associated with:

    • Less involvement in bullying as a bully or victim
    • Increased academic achievement
    • Students are more willing to seek adult help regarding student violence
    • Students are more likely to endorse positive attitudes toward seeking help for bullying and threats of violence.

    Research has shown that in schools where higher structure and support are associated with less bullying and victimization identified by both teachers and students (Gregory, Cornell, Fan, Sheras, & Shih, 2010).       

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