• Interpreter Services

    The principal or Parent Liaison will contact an official interpreter for the language needed, schedule an appointment, clarify with the interpreter the purpose of the assignment, and provide any background information.

    Below are examples of occasions when an interpreter might be employed.

    • Typical Regular Education Conferences
    • Parent / Teacher Conferences
    • Child Study Meetings
    • Back to School Night Orientations
    • Important Communications between School and Home (by phone or on site)
    • Enrollment Assistance (by phone or on site)
    • Guidance Conferences
    • Parent-Student School Orientations
    • Emergency Communications (by phone or in person)
    • Typical Special Education Conferences
    • IEP Conferences
    • Speech and Language Screenings / Evaluations
    • Educational Assessment for Eligibility (taken care of by Special Education Department)
    • Eligibility Meetings (taken care of by Special Education Department).
Last Modified on June 28, 2017