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    Common Sense Media provides parents, students, and schools with quality information regarding the safe use of 21st Century media. Cedar Lane Elementary School is using curriculum resources from Common Sense Media to prepare students for the personal responsibility required for our, Personal Learning Device and Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) initiatives.  
    Students are learning about Internet searching and safety, cyberbullying, evaluating web sites for authenticity and reliability, creative credit and copyright, and other important information literacy skills in Library, in the Computer Lab, and in the classroom.  These skills are critical for our students because "A digital citizen knows how to harness the power of technology safely, respectfully, and responsibly" (Common Sense Media 2015).
    In addition to providing educators with a digital citizenship curriculum, Common Sense Media provides reviews of media ranging from movies to video games.  You can visit Common Sense Media for Parents for useful resources and tools to help you and your children navigate today's digital landscape.  You can also find Tip Sheets from Common Sense Media on Cedar Lane's Resources for Parents web page.