What is PEER?

    PEER stands for Positive Experiences in Educational Relationships. We are a group of students at John Champe High School, sponsored by Mr. Rice. We strive to ensure that John Champe High School is a positive community and that every student feels included and welcome. 


    What does PEER do to achieve these goals?

    PEER offers help to any student struggling through a certain situation(s). This includes bullying, stress, family or relationship situations, school issues (e.g. grades, poor relationship with teachers), or if a student just needs someone to talk to.  


    How can I get help from a PEER?

    You can go to the counseling office for more information, and you can select the PEER member you wish to talk to by looking through our binder! The binder includes pictures and descriptions of each PEER member, so you can choose whichever member you will feel comfortable with. Another way to get in touch with a PEER member is to request one on the PEER Contact Request Icon located on your desktop here at school! The PEER would most likely meet you during an advisory that is convenient for you. 


    Does PEER do anything outside of Champe?
    Of course! The PEER members sometimes travel to elementary and middle schools during the 1st block. At elementary schools, we put on puppet shows that demonstrate social skills, and we also work with students in their classrooms. At Willard, we meet individually with struggling students and serve as just someone to talk to and help those students with their situations by listening and being there for them.


    Who are the sponsors of PEER?

    Mr. Rice(English teacher) is the teacher and sponsor for PEER. We also have Mrs. Khan-Reed, who is the school social worker, and Mrs. Thompson, who is one of the school counselors.