• Students must have a Loudoun County Public Schools Acceptable Use Policy Agreement form (AUP) signed by both the student and parent/guardian in order to participate in BYOT.  For Broad Run's signature page, click here.
    By signing the form, students agree to the above mentioned policy, including the following items, when using their personal device at school - 
    • LCPS / BRHS assumes no responsibility for theft, loss, or damage of any device
    • Students may not share personally identifying information online (student number, full name, address, phone number)
    • Headphones must always be used with audio, and sound must be inaudible to others
    • Classroom use is permitted at the discretion of the teacher
    • Devices may not be used in locker areas and bathrooms, or anywhere there is an expectation of privacy
    • Camera use only when directed by a teacher, with permission of those being filmed
    • Charging is the responsibility of the student