• The Loudoun County Public Schools Website has the most current information regarding BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology).
    Acceptable Use forms must be signed by all students, and returned by the specified date.  The new forms include details specific to the BYOT initiative.   For Broad Run's signature page, click here.
    Comments and/or Concerns
    If families wish to contact the school with questions or comments about BYOT, they may click here to submit their comment or concern electronically.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What kind of device is best?  Devices which have a keyboard are more useful for the creation of content, and more versatile than those designed mainly for consumption of content (cell phones).  Netbooks or Chromebooks, or small laptops are good choices, a tablet with a keyboard also provide opportunities for creating content.  If a student already has a cell phone, and no other device is available, cell phones may also be used.  Devices must be designed to access a wireless network. 
    Should I purchase a device for my child to use?  This is a family decision, some families elect to purchase a device for their child to bring to school, some families elect to send a device they currently own, other families choose to purchase the device as a birthday gift or other occasion for their child, and some families will rely on devices already provided at school.  Families may make different decisions for different children, based on the needs and maturity of the individual child.  LCPS plans to extend the BYOT program to all schools in September 2016, which will extend the value of any device purchased for this program.     
    What else might my child need?  A protective cover or case will provide additional protection for your child's device.  Earbuds allow students to listen to audio with their device, and must be used when accessing any content that includes video at school. Earbuds are less expensive, easier to carry / less bulky than headphones, which may be more appropriate for home than school use.
    Does my child have to bring a device to school? If your child does not have a device which you are willing to send to school and a device is required for a classroom activity, one will be provided to him/her.   
    Can my child print from his/her device?  No, with the use of Google Classroom, VISION, Office 365, and other online resources, student work may now be submitted directly to the teacher in an electronic format.  This eliminates the cost and inconvenience associated with printing student work, and allows the teacher to provide feedback directly to the student without the need of printing.  
    Will my child be able to charge his/her device at school?  While there may be a limited number of charging stations available, it is advisable that students charge their devices fully, at home, each night.  Devices may not be directly plugged into LCPS owned computers, so students may wish to bring a power cord for devices which are unable to remain charged as long as needed.  Power cords should be clearly labeled with student name so that they can be returned if left plugged in once charging has been completed. Portable chargers may be a solution for some devices.