• Art 4 Assignments and Standards


     Assignments/Topics  VA SOLs Art 4
     Sketchbook Journal Development  AIV.3
     Concentration Development  AIV.5
     Observational Drawing: Figures and Objects  AIV.5
     Contour Drawing  AIV.3
     Figure Friday Drawing  AIV.7

     Concentration Assignment development

    Schedule of due dates for individual students 


    Creation of Digital/Actual Portfolio

    Alternative Sketchbook Journaling  AIV.6
    Critique Student, Peer, Teacher  AIV.13, AIV.16


    Art 4 Instructional Goals

    The instructional goals of the AP Studio Art program can be described as follows:

    • Encourage creative and systematic investigation of formal and conceptual issues.
    • Emphasize making art as an ongoing process that involves the student in

       informed and critical decision making.

    • Help students develop technical skills and familiarize them with the functions of

       the visual elements.

    • Encourage students to become independent thinkers who will contribute

       inventively and critically to their culture through the making of art.


    Art 4 Supply List