Activation & Account Management

  • How do I access the ParentVUE parent portal?

  • What should I do if I do not receive an activation key letter?

  • What should I do if I receive more than one activation key letter?

  • Will I receive one password for every child enrolled in LCPS?

  • Can two guardians receive separate login information?

  • How do I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

  • Can I change my password?

ParentVUE Data & Security

  • What information am I able to access through the parent portal?

  • Is my children's school information available to anyone on the internet?

  • Is the information maintained in the ParentVUE portal private and secure?

  • How does ParentVUE securely store the documents we upload? I want to be sure my child’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will be protected. I understand that our access to ParentVUE is via HTTPS, so the connection itself is encrypted and the documents, as we upload them, will be encrypted *while in transit* to the ParentVUE web site?

  • What do I do if I see inaccurate information?

  • Should I add myself or my spouse as an emergency contact?

  • I cannot find my student's bus information in the ParentVUE app.

  • Why are you collecting student data on Military Recruiting, Photo Release Opt, Non-school Official Student Contact Info Release, and Military Connection?

  • What is the Release of Student Contact information to Non School Officials opt-in?

  • How do I submit a request for Alternative Transportation for my student?

  • How do I view my child's course history in the ParentVUE mobile app?

Using ParentVUE & StudentVUE

  • How do I navigate the ParentVUE parent portal?

  • Can I access the ParentVUE portal on my mobile device?

  • Why can’t I change my child's information in ParentVUE?

  • What is the Weather Opt Out field on the Student Info screen?

  • How do I view the Daily Attendance code for my child?

Grading and Course History

  • Is there a way to contact a teacher if I have a question about what I see on the screen?

  • How frequently should I expect my child’s grade to be updated?

  • What grades do I see in the Grade Book screen?

  • Why do my children need to access other resources such as Loudoun VISION, Google Classroom, Remind, etc? Shouldn’t everything they need be available in StudentVUE?

  • How do I enable grade notifications?

  • I have requested to receive Grade Book notifications in ParentVUE. What information should I be able to see in these notifications?

  • I would like to print a copy of my child’s Report Card from ParentVUE.

  • Why does a message that the PDF report card is not available for a marking period display when I view my child’s report card in ParentVUE?

  • Why do I not see grades from my student’s prior school?

  • Why does my child’s numeric grade not match the marking period grade?

  • My student is in elementary school. When I look at the Grade Book screen, I do not see grades for my child. Why?

  • Secondary Grading: Why don’t I see my child’s grades for class(es) at a concurrent school?

  • How do I view grade book information for a Modified Alternating Block Scheduled (MABS) class?

District Announcements

  • 9/4/2020: Attendance Notifications and/or Emails

    New for the 2020 school year are the options to receive Email messages or Push Notifications on your mobile device containing your child's attendance information.

    • Push Notifications: Contain both daily and period attendance
    • Emails: Contain only period attendance

    If you would like to configure these options in your ParentVUE account, download guides from ParentVUE Attendance Options for the 2020-21 SY.

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  • 4/1/2020 Online Pre-registration Document Upload

    Starting today, registrars will be contacting families about a process to upload electronic copies of Online Pre-registration documents. Please review the step-by-step process in Uploading Online Pre-registration Documents (English) (Spanish). 

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Last Modified on September 3, 2020