• Level 1 Recorder Songs

    Hot Cross Buns (pg. 5- white)

    Au Claire de la Lune (pg. 5- yellow)

    Wacky Waltz (pg. 7- orange)

    Hop Old Squirrel (pg. 9- green)

    Juba (pg. 11- pink)

    Lightly Row (pg. 14- blue)

    Jingle Bells (pg. 14- black)

    The Grand Old Duke of York (pg. 12- purple)

    Pop! Goes the Weasel (pg. 15- teal)

    Andante (pg. 16- glitter)


    Level 2 Recorder Songs

    Hop Old Squirrel (pg. 8- white)

    Hallelujah Chorus (pg. 12- yellow)

    Lightly Row (pg. 14- orange)

    Engine, Engine (pg. 23- green)

    Chinese Song (pg. 23- pink)

    Old Brass Wagon (pg. 26- blue)

    Ode to Joy (pg. 25- black)

    Polly Wolly Doodle (pg. 32- purple)

    When the Saints go marching in (pg. 30- teal)

    The Lion Sleeps Tonight (pg. 29- glitter)


    Level 3 Recorder Songs

    Shortnin' Bread (pg. 33- gold)

    Au Claire de la Lune (pg. 34- white yarn)

    Camptown Races (pg. 36- yellow yarn)

    Puff, the Magic Dragon (pg. 37- orange yarn)

    The Bluebells of Scotland (pg. 38- green yarn)

    Take Me Out to the Ballgame (pg. 36- blue yarn)

    Joy to the World (pg. 40- black yarn)

    Auld Land Syne (pg. 42- glitter yarn)

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