• Common Sense Media

    As Loudoun County Schools move forward with their technology plan, it is important that all of our students become aware of the benefits and dangers of using online tools.  To help guide our students to make good choices while working online, LCPS has began a program working with Common Sense Media.
    This year, students in 3rd Grade will take part in the Digital Citizenship program.  This is divided into 5 sections that teaches students:
    1.  why people use passwords, learn the benefits of using passwords, and discover strategies for creating and keeping strong, secure passwords. 
    2.  the concept that people can connect with one another through the Internet. They understand how the ability for people to communicate online can unite a community.
    3.  to understand that the purpose of product websites  is to encourage buying the product. Students learn methods used to promote products on these sites.
    4.  to explore the similarities and differences between in-person and online communications, and then learn how to write clear and respectful messages.
    5.  how to communicate effectively by email, taking into account the purpose and audience of their message, and the tone they want to convey.
    Students in 4th Grade will take part in the Digital Passport program.  This is divided into 5 sections that teaches students:
    1.  why it's important to avoid multitasking with a cell phone. They consider the benefits of focusing on one task at a time.
    2.  to evaluate examples of online messages. They decide what information is appropriate to share and when. Students are also reminded that nothing is truly "private" or "erasable" online.
    3.  to make choices about what to do if they or their friends are cyberbullied. They are encouraged to "evolve" into an “Upstander” – someone who takes action to stop cyberbullying, rather than standing by.
    4.  to learn how to choose effective keywords for searching online. They practice selecting keywords that are most relevant to a search prompt. Along the way, students discover hints for narrowing their search results. 
    5.  to remix media content to create a new creative piece. Along the way, they give proper credit to the artists whose images and sound clips they use.
    For more information about each program, and about Common Sense Media, please visit their website 
Last Modified on March 11, 2015