• byot
    Loudoun County Public Schools has implemented BYOT, "Bring Your Own Technology", which encourages students to bring their personal technology tools to school for learning. As students utilize their personal technology devices in school, they can learn new ways to use them for collaborating and interacting with their teachers and each other to research information, solve complex problems, create original products, and publish their work.
    Please click to view the LCPS Acceptable Use Policy
    Any device can be brought in, however, it needs to be internet-ready and have wireless A, G, or N capabilities (Wireless B devices are not supported for WiFi connectivity). Although any device meeting the criteria are acceptable, if parents are looking to purchase devices they may want to consider Android tablets, Windows tablets, Apple Ipads, and/or Chromebooks. 
    Students are responsible for their own devices and must follow the LCPS Acceptable Use Policy guidelines and may only access the internet through the school wifi network. Devices are not to be used on school buses and are to be used under the direction of the classroom teacher for educational purposes.
    Cellular data use is not allowed. LCPS is not responsible for data charges; texting and messaging are not allowed. All devices will be subject to internet filtering. LCPS and Rosa Lee Carter are not responsible for loss, theft, damage, and/or device failure. Teachers and staff at Rosa Lee Carter can not repair devices that are not functioning properly and cannot access device accounts to add applications or extensions. If you have any questions please contact the classroom teacher or Instructional Facilitator of Technology


Last Modified on November 2, 2018