• Students may bring Internet-ready devices to school for learning.  Examples include laptops, netbooks, tablets, cell phones, iPod touches, and e-readers.  Students should not bring devices that are only MP3 players, or  gaming devices to classrooms.

    Tablets, iPads, eReaders(Kindle, Nook), smart phones(phones that run these operating systems: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile), and other Wifi-enabled devices will work on the network.

    Laptops are more favorable for creating products; whereas, mobile devices are fine for researching, planning, and collaborating.  Though laptops and netbooks are heavier to carry around, they allow you to be more productive in situations where you will be creating documents, movies, and other digital media.  
    If you are looking for a device here are some possible options http://www.cdwg.com/ERMS/BYOD Note (9/9/2015): CDW is working to update the pricing of these devices.  Please contact one of the sales associates directly for current pricing.  Their info in on the website.