• Scholarships 
    Money given to a student for post secondary education that does not require repayment.
    READ instructions carefully; some scholarship applications are sent DIRECTLY to the sponsor.
    Only complete applications are accepted.
    Check the requirements of each scholarship application; make sure you have everything. 
    Always fill out applications in blue or black ink.
    Freedom Scholarships 
    Available only to Freedom Seniors

    Please log into SchooLinks for additional details and information on specific scholarships. Unless otherwise noted, Class of 2025 FHS scholarship applications will be due in April, 2025.


    Loudoun County Scholarships 

    Available to all Loudoun County Public School Seniors 

    Please log into SchooLinks for additional details and information on specific scholarships. All scholarships listed will have specific due dates. 


    Scholarships that do not require US Citizenship or Residency

     List of Scholarships

    information on scholarship websites and national searches
    The College or University itself 

    Contact the Financial Aid Office, the Department, the College within the University and the Alumni Association. 

    Check the College/University scholarship deadline and if they need a separate application.

    Deadlines are sometimes BEFORE the admissions applications are due.


    Other Sources 
    Community, Religious and civic groups, your and your parents' employers.
    LCPS Scholarships & Financial Aid  overview of the financial aid process, as well as information about applying for scholarships.
    The Best Scholarship Search Platforms   a review guide for scholarship search platforms
    Financial Aid - information on Financial Aid, the FAFSA, CSS and websites 
    College Abacus compare estimated costs at more than one college
    How to apply for Scholarships:
    Most scholarship applications require a recommendation(s). You must request the recommendation. In most cases, teacher recommendations are sent from the teacher directly to your counselor. Ask your counselor.
    Most scholarship applications also require a transcript. Fill out the transcript request form and give it to your counselor, our registrar or ask Mrs. Greiner. Transcripts are official (stamped and sealed) and unofficial.
    Some scholarship applications require a copy of your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or the Student Aid Report (SAR). It is your responsibility to copy your FAFSA and/or SAR. 
    IF you are applying for a Freedom Scholarship or a Loudoun County Scholarship, turn your completed application with recommendation(s), transcript, essay(s) and, if needed, FAFSA, into the Career Center BEFORE the DUE DATE.
    • The most common scholar qualities are character, leadership, volunteerism, work ethic, purpose, initiative and teamwork.
    • Stand out- show your uniqueness. Highlight your strengths. 
    • Make sure you are eligible and complete the application in full (don't forget attachments).
    • Type or fill all applications out in blue or black ink. Never use a pencil.
    • Proofread your application, especially your ESSAYS. Ask someone else to look it over for mistakes. 
    • Pay attention to details: word counts, grammar, spelling, punctuation & answering questions correctly. Neatness counts.
    • Always send your application in BEFORE it is due. Move the deadline up two weeks for yourself.
    • Remember your application represents you. Submit your best application:  neat, timely, complete.
    • Apply. You'll never get a scholarship you don't apply for! 
    • Make a copy of your scholarship before you send it off.
    • If you are fortunate to receive a scholarship, write a Thank you note.
Last Modified on June 10, 2024