•  Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015  Today is a B day. We have Advisory today, and we FLEX to Block 3. The following plans are for both my English 9H and English 10H.

    5th Block: Planning

    7th Block: English 9H
    8th Block: English 10H
    Today's Lesson: 10th grade/ 8th Block
    1.  Please distribute the agenda for February 3, 2015 to each student.
    2. Click on the link (Ms. Smiley's webpage for "Mug Shots").  Allow students 10 minutes to record the statement- as it is, and to make the necessary corrections.
    3.  Reading & Writing for Assessment Practice- Students will be given 20 minutes to complete this task.
    pg. 509-510 Part 1
    pg. 511 1-5 Part 2
    pg. 512 Short Answer Question
    Part 3 Strategies in Action= Your Turn A & Your Turn B ( you must answer the questions for both!)
    Part 4 How to Revise & Edit a Test Selection 1-3 TURN THIS IN TODAY!! 
    4. What do I need to know? Each student needs to record the correct information for each item on the board (on their own paper)--- This task can be discussed with others, BUT everyone needs his/her own paper!  You are recording information about YOUR play!  #9 is the only item that requires you to know something about BOTH plays!!
    Students will work in pairs and or pods to find the answers to the 10 items (green) on the front board
    5. Students will create a Quick Quiz using the information from above (question & answer required for full credit!)
    a. 1 question about theme
    b. 1 question about conflict (man vs. man)
    c. 1 question about conflict (internal)
    d. 1 question about motivation
    e. 1 question (free choice/students decide what the question is about) 
    EXIT TICKET: What's going to be on the Renaissance Test?
    HOMEWORK: Study for the upcoming test and continue working on your BQ artifacts. 
    9th grade- Distribute today's agenda to students at the beginning of class. 
    1. Use the Mug Shot link to complete the Bell-Ringer (grammar practice).  Review the agenda with students after the Mug Shot activity is completed.
    2. Character Development Notes pg. 321-322 READ & TAKE NOTES on the Character Development information
    3. Making Inferences pg. 323 READ & TAKE NOTES
    4. pg. 324 Connect to Your Life- Conflicting Feelings Journal (write 5-8 sentences) TURN THIS IN
    5. Poetry Exploration continued- READ "Oranges" pg. 339
    a. SUMMARIZE the poem (write this down) 
    b. How does Gary Soto use figurative language & descriptive details to bring this poem "to life"? ANSWER this question 
    c. RECORD the descriptive details that help to tell this story (strongest examples) and helps the reader "see" what's going on.  10-15 details need to be recorded 
    d. CREATE a visual (picture) representation based on the descriptive details you identified earlier (use crayons/markers and white paper to complete this portion of the task) STAPLE a-d together and turn in  before leaving class TODAY. 
    Homework: Study Notes and Study Guide for your Poetry/Romeo & Juliet Test on Monday, Feb. 9,2015 
Last Modified on February 2, 2015