• Sixth Grade English 
    The goal of language arts instruction is to develop and improve reading and writing skills which directly affect learning across the curriculum.  To become a better reader and writer, students need consistent daily practice to develop habits of an effective reader and writer.  To that end, we will be incorporating reading and writing workshops in our instruction, as well as vocabulary building.  Students will receive targeted instruction on reading and writing strategies, and they will have opportunities through projects, classwork, and assessments, to show mastery of learned skills. 
    Students should read every day! Set the timer for 20 minutes, choose a book or magazine, and read. This is a great family activity. After reading time, families can share with each other what was read.
    Sixth grade Language Arts students have a 90 minute class every day. To review the Course Description/Syllabi from the county, please follow this link.
    Classroom Procedure for Language Arts and Basic Skills 
    Bring your agenda and assigned materials to class every day. Be on time.
     When arriving to class, students:                                                                      
    1. Greet the teacher.
    2. Put materials on desk.
    3. Sharpen 2 pencils.
    4. Copy the homework assignment into the agenda. Have a friend check it.
    5. Begin warm-up.
    Student materials:
    Language Arts   
    • pencils, highlighter, correcting pen
    • glue sticks
    • agenda
    • One and a half inch binder
    • composition notebook for journal
    • spiral notebook for spelling

    Basic Skills

    • pencils, highlighter, correcting pen
    • glue sticks
    • agenda
    • binder (provided)


Last Modified on January 25, 2015