•  School Wide Retake Policy:

    • Any student may retake a summative assessment if they score between 49% and 79% .
    • Labs, classwork or summative assessments worth 10 points or less are not eligible for a retake.
    • The maximum score a student may receive on a retake is 80%.  The higher of the two assessment scores (original / retake) will be recorded.  The scores WILL NOT be averaged.
    • Any student wishing to retake a summative assessment must complete teacher designated remediation work and/or attend approved reteaching session(s).
    • The retake must be a different assessment than the original and can take any format that the teacher determines appropriate.
    • The student will have the opportunity for only one retake per summative assessment.
    • Teachers have the autonomy to allow students (on a case-by-case basis) the opportunity to retake a summative assessment should they perceive the need.



    Parents have the opportunity to view their child's progress using the Parent Portal on the school's webpage. Students will be evaluated on their progress in achieving learning targets using both "formative" and "summative" assessments. Formative assessments are the teacher's way of checking to see if students are "getting it" during the lessons. Summative assessments are used after the instruction has happened, and reflect student's learning. Students can show progress and mastery using a variety of tools, including projects, quizzes, activities, and paper/pencil assessments. Instruction is designed with the end target in mind: what do we want the students to know (standards of learning), how will we get them there (instruction), and how do we know they know it (assessment).
Last Modified on January 25, 2015