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     course selection

    Course Selection Season is HERE!!

    Click the image to access information on courses offered at Heritage in 2018-2019

    Dates to Remember.....
    • January 31st - Course Info Night
    • February & March - Counselor individual meetings with students

    as of 1/16/18
    • Turn in those last minute college applications and CAT Forms ASAP
    • Check that your list of colleges on Naviance matches the CAT Forms you have submitted
    • Update Mrs. Kelly with college decisions as you get them
    • The step-by-step college application process in on NAVIANCE! CLICK HERE 
      • Not sure how to login into Naviance? Try your Student ID# as your username and your birthday (MM/DD/YY) as your password.   

    Suicide Prevention: How Do I Access Help Now?
    Click here for more resources and support.

     Click Here for information on School-Based Mental Health Services and Community Partners.
    study tips
    Are you having difficulty in class? 
    Click here for a list of resources 


    college board   Log-on to CollegeBoard.org NOW to sign up for the SAT

    Log on to act.org NOW to sign up for the ACT 


     Click here for dates and locations 


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