• Cognitive Ability Test Scores Frequently Asked Questions

    You may have just received your second grader’s scores for the Cognitive Ability Test or CogAT. If you have questions about these scores, you are encouraged to contact the SEARCH (gifted) teacher at your child’s school. However, before you call, please read the following list of frequently asked questions.

    Why did my child take the CogAT? Second grade students in LCPS take the CogAT as part of the gifted education eligibility process. The scores are used, in combination with other measures, to determine the need for gifted education services.

    What CogAT scores qualify my child for the district pool? If your child scored a 97th percentile or above on two of the three subsections of the CogAT (verbal, quantitative, or nonverbal), your child will be placed in the district pool in the spring of third grade. The composite score is not considered. This means your child will receive a district referral to be evaluated for gifted services in third grade. This does not mean that your child qualifies for gifted services. (Either age percentile rank or grade percentile rank will be considered. For example, if the age percentile rank does not fall within the qualifying range, but the grade percentile rank does, then the grade percentile rank will be recorded during the gifted eligibility process.).

    Please keep in mind that Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) scores can also be used to determine if a child will receive a district referral. The NNAT is administered to LCPS students in the fall of third grade.

    How do I find out more about the gifted education eligibility process? You may attend a Gifted Information Session in the fall or winter next year (when your child is in third grade). In the fall, session dates will be posted on the LCPS Gifted and Talented webpage and on your child’s school SEARCH webpage. You may also contact the SEARCH (gifted) teacher at your child’s school.

    Click here for more information on eligibility.