• Retake tests will NOT be administered for individual students during normal class time.

    Students desireing a test retake opportunity must complete all formative assignments, including but not limited to the workbook pages and homework for the unit in which they want to take a retake test.

    Students must download and complete the Test Retake Request form. In many cases the retake test will be delivered through VISION, in other cases the student will need to complete the retake during flex time. There will be limited availablity before school and students would need to arrive at the testing  location not later than 7:45 am.

    No retakes are available for quizzes (they are formative NOT summative).

    Students must see me to request a retake. You should have all formative assignments completed prior to coming to see me. I up date Phoneix every 2 days, use Phoenix to determine what you are missing.

    Only 1 retake per quarter per student will be permitted. 

    We will follow the county mandate pertaining to maximum and minimum grading requirements. Currently these are:

    80% or below to qualify for a retake

    Maximum scrore to be recoreded for retake = 80%

Last Modified on September 11, 2019