The Official SAT Online Course
    We are very happy to announce that our students have the ability to participate in The Official SAT Online Course.  This program allows students to complete SAT preparation activities at any time from any location with internet access.  It features eighteen engaging lessons, three official practice tests, hundreds of practice questions, personalized feedback, and answer explanations.  And, yes you did read the title correctly; this service is completely free to students at Freedom.    


    To begin using this service, students see Mrs. Ong or your school counselor for a registration card with a unique user identification number.  After you have your access code, the link is www.collegeboard.com/satonlinecourseschool
    My College Quickstart
    Another program that students have available to them is My College Quickstart.  This program, sponsored by The College Board, is available to all students who take the PSAT.  When students get their PSAT score reports in December, they can use an access code located in the bottom right corner of their score report to use this program.  The program features a personalized SAT Study Plan based on the student's actual performance on the PSAT, as well as college and career planning tools for students to explore. 
    You will receive your report from your homeroom teacher. Please see your school counselor for your score report and access code.
    A couple of great websites that offer FREE SAT preparation


Last Modified on June 10, 2024