• Extended Practice!
    Refer to the following links for a chance to practice spelling, grammar, writing, typing, and other fun English-related topics. 
    Check out Ms. Watkins's favorite website for Grammar! Using popular characters from tv shows and celebrities, you are able to delve into all that makes grammar FUN! Signing up is easy, instructions are posted on Digital Choice posters in class. 
    Take the opportunity to challenge your vocabulary skills while donating to countries in need! Freerice.com donates a gram of rice for every question you get right. 
    Challenge yourself to write a few words each day and write that book you've always wanted to start! What stories do you want to tell? 
    Myspellit.com is a great website for you to challenge yourself with spelling and practice tough words. Merriam-Webster has teamed up with the Scripps National Spelling Bee to create an amazing resource for practice spelling.
    Grammar Bites! This awesome site has tons of grammar practice from subject-verb agreements to comma splices and sentence fragments. Click on "Exercises" to explore this awesome site! 
Last Modified on August 27, 2019