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    Recorded Freedom High School Financial Aid and FAFSA  Information Nights Information: 
    U.S. Department of Education  
    The FAFSA is the free financial application from the US Department of Education that must be completed by students and parents to apply for federal student aid. Federal student aid is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. You must reapply every year you are in college. Do the FAFSA first. It is used to determine eligibility for federal financial aid but also for other types of aid unrelated to need. Many colleges and universities use the information to make decisions about their institutional aid. That aid is often allocated on a first-come, first-served basis; completing the FAFSA early benefits you.
    There are three main categories of federal student aid: grants, loans, and work-study. Some scholarships require a copy of your FAFSA.
    20% of assets owned by the student are considered payable toward their education expenses, while only 5.64% of nonretirement parent assets, but up to 47% of parents' net income, are counted when the FAFSA calculates each student's ability to pay.
    The College Board PROFILE- An application required in addition to the FAFSA for non federal financial aid from almost 400 colleges and scholarship programs. The CSS is used to determine eligibility for nongovernmental aid.
    VTAG provides annual grants to Virginia residents who are full time students at an eligible Virginia private college or university. 
    An overview of the types of Federal aid, student loans and grants
    The College Board's calculator used to estimate how much the student's family will be expected to contribute to the cost of college for the academic year  
    Cost Comparison and student loan repayment options 


    Tax Benefits for Education
    A comprehensive source of student financial aid information, advice and tools 

    College Score Card

    detailed information on college demographics, academic and financial information


    College Abacus 

    compare estimated costs at more than one college 


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