Briefing Papers for the 2015 Summit

  • In reflecting on this year's theme, "Standing for Unity, Changing Perspectives," summit delegates will prepare briefing papers addressing their country's perspective on specific topics.  These briefing papers will serve as the spring board for our summit dialogues, discussions to be held during the summit.

    Each participating school should prepare a 1-3 page paper on each of these 4 topics:



    Summit Dialogue Topics and Questions


    #1) Access to Education


    • What are the requirements of compulsory education and who is allowed to attend school? What services are schools required to provide, such as programs for students with special needs?

    • In terms of progression of education, on average how many students don’t pursue higher education and why? What opportunities are available to students after completing general education?

    • How has your country shown progression in access to education over time?

      #2) Globalization

    • Outline and describe your country’s immigration policies. What are the policies regarding asylum and refugees? How does an immigrant become a naturalized citizen in your country?

    • What is your stance on the United Nations and their policies?
      What international policies does your country pursue (Active military presence abroad / Worldwide democracy / International (unalienable) rights)?

      #3) Human Rights

    • Does your country promote equal pay between men and women?

    • Please describe the role of a typical/average woman in your country?

    • What is your country’s public attitude towards minorities, and what policies does your government implement to protect minorities (Affirmative Action / quotas)?

      #4) Environment and Sustainability

    • Does your country support the use of nuclear energy, or is it condemned in favor of natural energy? Is abundance/efficiency more important than safety? What main sources of energy does your country use?

    • Is your country for or against the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to sustain the ever growing global population?

    • Should there be a restriction on consumption of energy for countries, so that resources can be preserved?