Itinerary for the 2015 Summit

  • The Summit will take place form April 12th to April 21st 2015.  Here is a draft of the Itinerary:

    Sunday April 12th- Orientation Day (Including a trip to Washington DC)

    Monday, April 13th- Responsive Government (With an opening ceremony at Rock Ridge High School)

    Tuesday, April 14th- Access to Education (Each delegation will have a summit dialogue at their host school)

    Wednesday, April 15th- Globalization (This day will include cultural performances at Freedom High School as well as a trip to DC)

    Thursday, April 16th- Human Rights (This day will include a cultural exhibiton and summit dialogues at Potomac Falls High School)

    Friday, April 17th- Sustainability (This day will include a summit dialogue and field trip hosted by Park View High School)

    Saturday, April 18th- Eliminating Steriotypes (This day will be a service day hosted by Park View High School.  Students can attend the Glow Dance at Dominion High School on Saturday Night)

    Sunday, April 19th- Free Day with Host Families (On Sunday, the international students will spend time with their host families and may prepare a dish for the farewell dinner)

    Monday, April 20th- Individual Freedoms of Speech and Religion (This day will include activities at Broad Run High School and a farewell dinner hosted by Potomac Falls High School.

    Tuesday, April 21st- The international students will shadow their host student at school until their time of departure.